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09.08.2009 "Wróżka" - A touch that soothes the pain

Injured horses approach her suspiciously. Aggressive dogs fawn. Do they feel a vibrating energy or do they rather sense a good human? It does not matter. Ewa Wolska, a biotherapist helps both people and animals.

As far as she can remember, animals have always surrounded her. These are them, not people, who will assure her that perhaps she possesses a biotherapist talent. Throughout a primary school cats with dislocated paws, ill dogs, pigeons with broken wings come to her. And eventually a strange situation in an exotarium makes her think. She went there with her class for a trip. "I was fascinated with enormous aquariums and even more with the fact that wherever I stood all fish swam to me." - she says. "At first, I thought that it was just an illusion. After several trials I was sure that the fish swam exactly to the place where I stood. I was speechless..." Her first husband was a veterinary doctor. They had a flat in a veterinary clinic. Animals were present 24 hours a day. It is 2 a.m., a cow begins to calve. Ewa has no choice; she gets into a car with her husband and assists him at the cow birth. The calf is big. Sturdiness is needed to take it out. Another situation: a car ran over a German shepherd. It qualifies for stitching. A tipsy owner cries. The dog must be held by its paws. Ewa does it and the dog calms. Her husband notices it but says no word. Their ways part.

Ewa still considers him as the best big animals expert. When any animal was ill in the neighborhood, people wanted only her husband and not any other doctor. He has established a reputation as a good veterinary doctor. Only after a divorce Ewa decides to earn a living as a biotherapist. The profession is eventually brought into light ? it is inserted into the Journal of Acts and Civil Code. Ewa starts attending training courses like mad. Diplomas, diplomas, diplomas. The Guild of Various Crafts (Craft Chambers), a three-year work in the Natural Medicine Centre and an exam for an apprentice. After subsequent three years of work she passes an exam for a craftsman. Then, a pedagogy course since Ewa teaches her profession to adults. In Katowice she attends a non-obligatory course conducted by doctors. But she wants to be really good at her profession. She is interested in herbal medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, hypnosis and lit therapy. She gains a Reiki mistress degree. In the Water Divination and Biotherapy College in Kielce she undergoes the examination for water divining-biotherapeutic predispositions. Her abilities were assessed as strong and her final score was very good. Working in a consulting room, home visits, hospitals, the Intensive Care Units sometimes gave her an enormous stress. But she never refuses help either to a human or to an animal. "They teach me humility." - she says.

In March 2008, the Nieznany Świat (translator? note: a Polish monthly) prints an article about Ewa including information that she also helps animals. An editor-in-chief tells her about the Przystań Ocalenie near Pszczyna. Since then, she goes there once a month to perform charitable work. She works with animals sheltered by Dominik Nawa and Dorota Szczepanek who run the shelter. There are over a hundred horses, sheep, goats, cats and even a ferret. They are all suspicious and aggressive. They are injured, after accidents, with broken spines and legs, blind. A goat can pinch Ewa if she is not careful enough, a horse can kick her, and a dog can bite her. They would act in a different way if they were surrounded by love. Yet, they are afraid. They remember by means of their smell: they smell Ewa whenever she comes to them. When they recognize her, they neigh, jump, bleat ? they are happy. It takes a lot of courage to stand alone in the middle of a large meadow where 40 mentally hurt horses run around. "I can?t make sudden movements because this would arouse aggressiveness. I have understanding and patience for them. I can learn humility from them. Sometimes they come to me on their own; they stand with their sides to me. I put hands on them. They stand in this position three, or ten minutes. They mellow out, calm down and go away. Then, they tend to be sleepy and they like to lie down. But they are in a better mental condition - they become milder. Some of them have a bigger appetite or thirst. Everything is varied individually. Any effects may be observed in two or three days after therapy. However, Dominik gives his opinion on these effects carefully because he is a skeptic. - I?ve always thought that it is some kind of magic. I've never gone through biotherapy but I can see that it works with animals. And after Kirsten Helming?s visit who is famous for her telepathic talk with animals I am able to believe that there?s something to it. We have a horse which did not go to a pasture for three years and was malicious. It had a little talk with Kirsten and the horse changed day after day. I was speechless. Kirsten was more successful in half an hour than me for three years!" "And as far as Ewa is concerned, in fact I notice that during procedures horses raise their ears, they are curious even when Ewa does not touch them. Or they cuddle to her raised hands although they never do this. Yet, because I see the animals frequently it is hard to me to notice any changes. Even when we bring lean horses to Przystań I am able to see that they put on weight only when I see the photos.? - he explains. Dominik has been in a constant touch with Ewa and other therapists for about one year, who treat animals together at a distance. Ewa is the only one who visits the shelter. She spends more than half a day with animals. Some of them come up to her several times. She claims they sense the flows of energy. In winter, when they stand in boxes, she can touch their necks and heads only. But the touch makes the energy flow: it goes to places where it is most needed. But it also supports the whole organism; it balances the body, the nervous system, the endocrine system; it mellows out. It only happens in Przystań Ocalenie. An ill spot, either with a human or with an animal, is often cold. It is my task to balance an energetic potential." - says Ewa, and she shows me photos. Most of them are taken in Przystań Ocalenie. They show how she works with animals. In one photo she cuddles puppies - the little patients from Zakopane. "They had nausea and I carried them in my arms."

Some of her fellow biotherapists laugh at her going to Pszczyna animal shelter. "Apparently, you have got nothing else to do." they say. "Perhaps they do not have the need, the passion or the courage to work with big animals themselves. Perhaps they think that only people are worth spending time with? But I go to Przystań on Saturdays and Sundays, which is my private time. Animals do not disturb my daily work." - she explains. "But it happens that, even when I work in a consulting room, somebody brings in an ill animal - sometimes in fatal and poor condition: unable to stand on its legs, numb, or with post-operation stitches. She always goes out to attend such an animal. If she sees that an animal is in agony, she shortens its physical and mental suffering.

It is like with people from the Intensive Care Unit who accepted their illness, and their passing away. How does Ewa know that she helps an animal? She recognizes it by fawning, cuddling or staying near her leg. Then she feels satisfied and happy that she has made the contact with the animal. She gives it love and warmth, everything best. Sometimes she includes a prayer because she is a woman of strong faith.

She also works at a distance. Some time ago, a thunderstorm burst out at night. Dominik was alone in Przystań, and the animals went crazy because of thunderbolts. He called Ewa to ask her to look after them mentally, at a distance. She did so, but the next day she went there because the direct contact and the balanced touch worth much more. "Throughout my life, animals convince me that I am on the right way. They act on instinct, unlike people, they do not pretend anything, they are unselfish and spontaneous in their reactions."

The never ending energy.

Ewa was three years old when her parents divorced. She will sense a need to have a father throughout her life. As a teenager she promises to herself in the Mariacki Church in Cracow that she will give a birth to a child only if she finds a perfect candidate for a father. And since there are no ideals she is still childless. She devotes herself totally to giving help. This is her passion and love. Her father, grandfather and great grandfather had healing abilities. This is a profession dominated by men. So when little Ewa noticed that something strange happens around her she tells nobody about this, especially to her mother. For instance, in the backyard she always acts as a professional peace-maker. In the sandpit she tones down quarrels about mud pies and fights about spades or she calms down crying children. Whenever Ewa starts playing with them or takes them to her lap they immediately calm down. That must have raised suspiciousness. It was a school librarian who first noticed Ewa?s strange abilities and that she was tempted by unusual cases. She suggested books to her about mysterious and unchecked phenomena, among others about Bermuda Triangle and lost Atlantis. Ewa could read in the third grade of a primary school. In a secondary school her friend wanted to commit a suicide ? she took some pills. She went through a lavage of stomach, pain and suffering. Ewa runs to hospital. After her first visit her friend feels much better. After each next visit another improvement can be observed. ? Then I knew for sure that I would choose a path of natural medicine. But when you are nineteen or twenty years old, despite a sensed talent for biotherapy you are not mentally or emotionally ready for helping others in this way. Her relatives regarded her idea with skepticism. However, she must say that her mum never prevented her from educating in her profession. She would say: your life, your choice, your decision. She did not interfere. I seriously started to learn my profession in the 90-ties. I was looking for books and reprints translated into Polish. It was not easy ? she says. It was not easy not only with my professional career but also with my private life. She lived in a concubinage for eighteen years. Her partner died tragically several years ago and now she has only work. Ewa does not even have any pets because with her lifestyle a cat or a dog would always be alone.

Once she complained to her master that she has not got an easy life and he answered: How would you be able to help others otherwise? You wouldn't know how to do it at all. So she helps. "The energy never runs out." says Ewa. " The more you give the more you get both from a human and from an animal." Text: BEATA IGIELSKA

Lessons that life gives

Biotherapy, supported with a good and wise conversation, can revive our will of life. And the will of life is the key to recovery.
Work, stress, an insensitive husband, an always displeased teenage daughter…. Barbara used to get up at 5:00 to fall flat late at night. Today she is wondering how long she would have been able to live that way. A routine check-up meeting with her GP changed everything with the diagnosis: uterine fibroids. Deadly fearing an operation, she slowed down. She started to think about the past years which brought her only sadness and weariness. Her future looked no better, either. Until she met Ewa Wolska, a biotherapist.
It was right after our first conversation that I believed things would work out somehow.” – says Barbara. “It might have been so because, for the first time after all those years I was sure someone was really listening to me.”
The woman started a series of sessions and changed her diet according to the recommendations. Time was passing and she became more objective as to her condition and life. Each meeting made me calmer and calmer and Ewa showed me methods which helped me start things again. At last I started to accept myself. And, suddenly, everything changed. The successive examinations proved no uterine fibroids at all – they were gone! And me and my family are building common ground.

To heal the whole person
According to Ewa Wolska, the disease most often means that something goes wrong in our life. That is why she combines biotherapy and psychotherapy. She is of the opinion that a biotherapy session shall only soothe the effects unless you discover the true cause of a disease. “I try to find out more about each person who comes to me for healing.” - says Ewa. “I do care to refocus the client from their health on their will of life. This shall make them stronger when they leave my room. I encourage them to start to thing positive, forgive themselves and forgive the others, and to be grateful for what they have. To self-accept.”
Biotherapy assumes that a human body is surrounded and filled with the energetic field. Feeling the disturbances, alterations or energy-gaps in the field, the healer helps you to rebalance. During a session, Ewa restores the correct function of the chakras, purifies and empowers the energetic field and she clears and balances the energetic channels. She works with some distance from the patient or – if they wish so – she can do the therapy touching the body directly.
There are some people who can feel worse after the healing session s is over. It is not a rule, however. “It is the so called turning-point – an effect of the body’s decision to start to fight with the disease,”- as Ewa explains. “There are cases when some pains can appear in the places which seemed healthy so far. They could be the simple migrating pains, or they can mean an evolving disease which has just responded to the bioenergy supplied.
Ewa Wolska does not acknowledge that biotherapy need specializations. She thinks that specializations are typical of the academic medicine. “It is true that you may have some more achievements referring to some type of conditions, and fewer – to some others, but biotherapy affects the whole: the patient’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.
Biotherapy for rescue
Ewa’s energy helps people with various health conditions, e.g. neurosis, depression, sleeplessness, migraine, conditions of the respiratory, blood-circulation, digestive, and orteoarticular systems.
She is often visited by people who were operated on because biotherapy can accelerate the process of wound healing. It also makes it easier to get rid of the side effects of radio- and chemotherapy.
The therapist thinks that co-operation with doctors is necessary. Sometimes, with the patient’s and their family’s prior agreement, she comes to hospital to give the therapy right there.
“The biotherapist’s honesty requires that they do not make any promises that the patient shall be hundred percent sound. They must not suggest patients any changes as to the drugs or doses prescribed by doctors. No biotherapist can dissuade the patients from conventional methods of healing.”

Ewa Wolska has been practicing biotherapy for a dozen of years, or so.
She is a Member of the National Board of Managers of the Guild of Dowsers and Biotherapists /Zarząd Krajowy Cechu Radiestetów i Bioenergotherapeutów/ in Katowice and a Member of the Polish Association of Psychologists and Therapists /Polskie Stowarzyszenie Psychologów i Terapeutów/ in Łódź. She works in: Warsaw, call 022 632 02 58
Direct contact: 505423 101
Sosnowiec, 032 360 34 06.
more info:,

"Euroregiony" - February 2009

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"Interview - "Gwiazdy mówią" - 15.02.2009


"Unknown World" - March 2008


The interview for the - "Forum Biznesu" March 25, 2007

That oldest healing method is not a common knowledge though the principles are simple: it consists in the therapist's passing the healing energy to the patient which could be done with the direct touch or from a distance. It is a non-invasive method and it wonderfully complements the conventional medicine. The therapy's most eminent feature is its holistic approach to patient as it affects and acts the mental, physical and spiritual plane simultaneously.

Ewa Wolska, a great bio-energy therapist explains: "In human body there are some energetic centers called chakras. Taking the energy from the environment, they spread it throughout the organism. The energies which flow through the organism create the bio-field: the aura. A disease is the flow distortion. A good bio-energy therapist sees or feels the energy. When the therapist passes the energy into and through the patient's body, the body and organism regenerate. The patient is still advised to use their medicines, according to the doctor's prescription because bioenergy therapy does not substitute but c o m p l e m e n t s the conventional medicine. Sometimes, however, we have to cope with side effects of drugs and medicines on the organism."

Ewa Wolska is a person in whose company people feel good. Her skills were felt by people and animals when she was just a child. Later, in her adult life, Ewa decided to develop and master the natural skills and abilities. Now, she is the bioenergy therapy mistress and a Member of the National Guild of Water Diviners and Bioenergy Therapists in Katowice (Krajowy Cech Radiestetów i Bioenergoterapeutów w Katowicach) and the Polish Association of Psychologists and Therapists in Łódź (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Psychologów i Terapeutów w Łodzi).

-"The classical medicine," says Wolska, "is preoccupied with the body first f all. When a patient's health gets better, the patient changes the attitude to life which affects and refreshes the psyche. Therapists, using the natural healing methods, often change the order and believe that disease is an effect of disharmonious life. Disease is the call of the soul. The therapy consists in affecting and influencing a patient's psyche which leads to alleviation and/or elimination of problems and ailments of different parts of the body and its systems (breathing, circulatory, digestive, ostheoarticular systems; gynecological problems; sinuses and ears dysfunctions). Patient's skepticism, attitude or faith pose no limitations here. However, I think," she adds, "that you can lead a horse to water but... You must not try to make any one happy without their own permission and will.

Ewa loves to heal animals. They do not see the difference and they d not choose between the types of medicine: classical or natural. They react to love when it is passed to them.

Ewa always works with great passion. "Bioenergy therapy, as I feel it," she goes on, "is not only a passion but a life-style. It is a gift, a talent, a certain knowledge and education but first of all, it is a never-ending self-development!

We all have the free will. This is what determines whether a patient will turn to a bioenergy therapist for help. The meetings and sessions are actually the patient's own decisions. It happens that the decision to start therapy comes too late but it is a l w a y s possible to alleviate physical pain or mental suffering or make wound healing faster."

"At my work," Ewa continues, "I do not separate the psyche from the body as they are one. Unfortunately, body and mind need different medicines. Illness, disease and whatever comes to us in life, help us to develop spiritually - especially when the events and conditions, problems and situations are analyzed from the perspective of time. Bioenergy healing is nothing else but passing the universal love to another person."

Ewa Wolska has been busy with the bioenergy therapy for almost 20 years now. In the meantime, she completed many courses on natural medicine including acupressure and acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Ewa explains that the number and the frequency of sessions is individual choice of every patient as it depends on the patient's condition and disorders as well as the age. Each patient responds to the energy in a different way. Drowsiness, over-excitement, warmth or coldness are most frequent reactions. Some patients can feel their feet or hands growing numb, too.

Ewa is visited by many patients taking chemo- or radiotherapy (in Katowice, Sosnowiec, Warsaw, Zakopane). The healing energy they receive from the bio-therapist helps them survive. Another frequent group of her patients are women with problems of the endocrine system and resulting diseases, people suffering from rheumatism etc. The bioenergy therapy sessions can help everyone.

Wolska stresses: "I always treat a person as the whole and approach patients from the holistic point of view. I stimulate their organisms to self-healing and regeneration and I make my sessions even more effective using such natural methods as the energetic massage, chakra balancing, cleaning, reinforcing and balancing the bioenergy field, unblocking (opening) the energetic channels, touch-healing."

It is definitely worth trying. The whole world is now observing the renaissance of the alternative medicine which has a large circle of followers and fans. This must be the time to come back to Nature!

The only woman among the 10 best bio-energy therapists in Poland in 2006 from the "Super Express" October 2006

She is the only woman mentioned in the rating of The Ten Best Bio-energy Therapists in Poland by Super Express in year 2006. She works using an individual, self-designed method, combining the influence of bio-energy therapy with psychotherapy and elements of music- and aromatherapy. The latter ones are aimed at creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

- A certain dose of isolation from the external world during the session seems important to me, – says Ewa Wolska. – Not only because of the bio-energy therapeutic treatment, which lasts half an hour, but also for the purpose of being able to freely talk to the person seeking help. People often want to share their problems, expect some advice. Illness is usually a sign that we are doing something wrong in our lives. If we do not change it, biotherapy will only soothe the effects, without reaching deeper to the reasons. A gift from the god and a talent of the bio-energy therapist is one thing, but what is equally important is discovering the method of resolving a problem. It really matters to me whether it is easier for a person to live once he leaves my place - to live not only in terms of the flesh, but also the soul. Whether he wants to change something in his life, for instance to start thinking positively, improve some interpersonal relations.

The fame of Ewa Wolska is derived inter alia from the fact that she devotes herself in 100% to every case she works on. She planes one hour for each session, but there occur longer ones too.– I am never in a hurry at my office, this work excludes rush. Those who seek help at a bio-energy therapist are usually people who were let down in some way by the conventional medicine. What is more, an ill person suffers from the fact that a doctor does not have time for him, that he runes from the hospital to the clinic and back, is in a hurry, is late, does not have proper conditions to listen to the patient or answer his questions. I cannot imagine such a situation at a bio-energy therapist office. I want to get to know better the person who expects some help from me, learn about his physical pains, but also about his personal problems. A man is a psychophysical unity and he should be treated holistically. My entire experience tells me it is the right way.

First passion, than a job
This particular trait of Ewa Wolska’s personality - a will to help others - was noticeable already in her childhood. She used to reunite quarreled children in a sandpit, played the role of a mediator in all backyard conflicts. She hated it when anyone in her presence argued or suffered. These helping skills were first recognized by animals, which clang to her. Later adults also admitted they feel well in Ewa’s company. ­– It has been like that for as long as I only remember. Helping others has always interested me – the bio-energy therapist says.

There had to be something special in her back then too, since a school librarian noticed her. She sensed quite correctly that a third-grader was attracted by the unexplained and mysterious things. She started giving the girl appropriate books, talking about her reflections after reading them. - I read about the Bermudian triangle at the beginning of the primary school. – Wolska laughs. - Another book I remember well from my childhood was “Zagubiona Atlantyda” (Atlantis Lost - translator's note). That librarian was the first of the important people I met in my life. She instilled the love for books in me for forever.

It is true, Ewa Wolska is able to talk about her books with great passion. Her professional library consists from a few hundred titles, but there are some special ones among them: Świetlisty człowiek by Ryszard Ulman, Dotyk kwantowy by Richard Gordon, Życiodajna śmierć by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and of course such famous books as Potęga podświadomości or Możesz uzdrowić swoje życie by Jose Silva, Joseph Murphy and Luiza Hay.

These books have been the corner stones of my practice - the healer recalls.

Nevertheless, the way to bio-energy therapy has not always been so easy. In the past Wolska worked in the field of conventional medicine, from the first moment dealing with difficult, dramatic situations. She used to work in health service, where each day she met with doctors and medical orderlies driving to accidents, taking care of people remaining in a serious state. It was exactly then, when she was observing all those situations when there was nothing one could do to help the given person, that she grew to make a final decision to start healing.

The decision was somewhat obvious, because the unconventional medicine had been following her all her life. Curiosity was the drive which made her investigate its diverse branches; she was interested in herbalism, acupressure, acupuncture, hypnosis, stone therapy… However, only after having finished the course and obtaining the title of the Mistress of Reiki, has she started her proper education.

Today the diplomas and certificates from various kinds of courses and trainings on broadly understood natural therapy can be barely hidden in two thick files. It is because Ewa Wolska thinks that the more she knows, the broader her horizons are, the better she will be as a bio-energy therapist. This is why she completed inter alia a medical preparatory course led by doctors of medicine. Among the documents she values the most there is an expertise from the examination of her predispositions in the field of water divining and bio-energy therapy. The numerous pages containing the results of the tests and examinations include the Kirlian photos of hands, which reveal the power of biosphere - hers is an immense one. The expertise ends with a very good grade and confirms her highly developed bio-energy therapeutic skills.

However, in her office Wolska exhibits two other diplomas: the master craftsman’s certificate from the Chamber of Crafts in Katowice and a certificate from the Polish Association of Psychologists and Therapists. The former one gives her the right to do her job as a bio-energy therapist, whereas the latter one confirms that her own, self - designed method of working, which she uses as a bio-energy therapist, has its foundations in the psychological education.

However, if someone was to ask Ewa Wolska what bio-energy therapy is for her, then - despite her professional attitude to her own education - she would mention the word job only at the second place. First of all it is a passion for her; the greatest life adventure, which she subjected everything to, which she found herself in and which is her way of fulfilling herself. She treats her work as something more than a way of earning her bread and butter. - When a man starts developing and enhancing himself, then he triggers a process which has no end. I am constantly learning, reading, acquiring new experience - she explains. - And when I also receive feedback from the persons whom I really helped, then I achieve a complete state of fulfillment.

A stone in a centrifuge
Nobody, who has met Ewa Wolska for the first time, has not even one thought that this bright, smiling person, who radiates with optimism and peacefulness, might have gone through dramatic experience in the past. Meanwhile she knows from her own experience what suffering is. Apart from all the vocational and guild examinations, she also had to pass the hardest one - cope with the misfortunes which tumbled onto her. Overcoming her own despair and weakness gives her the greatest right to give advice to others.

Once, in a moment of weakness, she complained to one of her masters in her profession. - How would you like to help people on your own, if you had not experienced anything difficult yourself?– she heard in response. Today she knows it is true. - You have to be emotionally prepared for this work. A 20-year-old person, even being very talented, will not be able to do it properly – thinks Wolska. - To my mind bio-energy therapy is not only a passion and a lifestyle. It is a talent, knowledge, experience, but on the top of that a constant work upon yourself, which also includes a struggle with your own weakness and limitations.

This could be the reason for which patients trust her so much; they know she has always time for a suffering person, even if she has to neglect her private life. The mottos from the books which she often recommends them are not just bookish wisdom in her mouth, but they turn into a life truth. A perfect example could be one of her life mottos, derived from the book by Elisabeth Kubler - Ross: A stone thrown into a centrifuge is afterwards powdered or refined as a diamond.

In her own office and in hospitals
The main part of a session with Ewa Wolska is a half an hour long bio-energy therapeutic treatment - influencing by touching. During such an energetic bio-massage a correct functioning of chakras is restored, the energetic field is purified and enhances, energetic channels are unblocked and harmonized. The therapist influences the patient with her whole hands, but the same result can be achieved without directly touching a person. Not everybody wants to be touched.

- Every session looks similar, but energy is directed differently in case of each person ­- the bio-energy therapist says. - I sense with my hands subtle changes in the biosphere of a patient, places, where the energy flow is disrupted, and I concentrate on them. I never diagnose a patient, but I suggest what examinations he should undergo. I always underline that bio-energy therapy is a good support for a medical treatment, but it should not be a substitute for it. I also want to know whether a person I meet takes any medicines. Almost all drugs have some kind of side effects; during a therapeutic session I have to overcome them as well.

Ewa Wolska belongs to this rare kind of bio-energy therapists, who offer their treatment in hospitals and clinics, she does it however only on the condition of the patient’s family’s and leading physician’s consent.

She often works with children. In her office she has a lot of “therapeutic props” - mascots, teddy bears, crayons, which all help in establishing a better contact with a child and occupy its attention. She also achieves good results in her relations with the elderly; she is efficient in removing depression, neurosis, anxiety, insomnia and migraines. It is because the bio-energy therapeutic sessions enhance, inter alia, the ability to concentrate that so many young people visit her office, especially in the time of university examinations.

The effects of a therapy turn out to be the most spectacular in case of various kinds of tumors, nodules, cysts. They often disappear completely or decrease to the size which does not require, as previously indicated, an operation.

In this way a young women, who lived under the threat of having her thyroid gland removed due to a huge number of nodules, avoided a surgical operation. After a few sessions with Ewa Wolska the nodules turned inactive and no longer required an operation.

A 9 - year - old girl from Sosnowiec, who was supposed to have her renal calculus removed, avoided a surgical intervention as well. The date of the operation was established, but the parents still tried to seek help and turned to Ewa Wolska. As it occurred, they were successful. After three bio-energy therapeutic sessions a USG examination was done, which revealed a lack of renal calculus in the girl’s kidneys. After a few more sessions the examination was repeated and brought the same results. The operation turned out to be unnecessary.

The bio-energy therapeutic treatment enhances the healing of wounds and ease the pain accompanying it. A young girl after a gynecological operation, who could not have her stitches removed, because the wound would not heal, after undergoing two sessions with Ewa Wolska called her shouting: - You did a miracle! An old man, who suffered from a recurring ophthalmic haemorrhage was equally grateful. He would stay in a hospital a couple of times, but his sight deteriorated. After three sessions of bio-energy therapy his acuteness of vision definitely improved.

Mrs Alicja from Częstochowa got rid of ovary adhesion, someone else after many years finally stopped suffering from a high pressure, and a woman undergoing infertility treatment got pregnant. Ewa Wolska encounters such cases on a daily basis. She explains majority of them on the psychological level - for example the fantastic results in curing stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux or digestion problems. All these are connected with stress, which is why an appropriately led psychotherapy brings in turn a real improvement of health. The therapists works in an analogical way with people undergoing radio- and chemotherapy. A psychotherapy which is led in the meantime makes the unwanted side effects of applying chemotherapy be reduced and barely observable.

Some health and psychological problems require going back to the fetal life. The therapy might take longer then, but it is very effective. However, it might occur that a therapist recognizes a reincarnation problem, which has its roots in one of the previous incarnations. She suggest then that a patient should visit a therapist, who uses more specialized methods, such as hypnosis or therapy with the use of energetic essences.

- I consider my role to be the work for the given body, here and now, in this life – says Ewa Wolska. - A bio-energy therapeutic influence is aimed at directing the healing energy to the concrete spheres of the one given body, harmonize the functioning of those, and not any different, chakras. I think that every natural therapist has his own path, on which he turns out to be most efficient.

She also offers bio-energy therapy for animals. She likes this branch of her profession, because - as she jokes a little - animals have never any doubts or prejudices, while the effects are always magnificent.

A conscious decision
Is bio-energy therapy for everyone? According to Ewa Wolska, yes - on the condition that the decision to undergo it is made consciously.

- I am not put off in my work by skepticism or religious beliefs of the one who came for help – she shares a reflection. - It is crucial that he should not come under any pressure, being brought to me by his family, who want to make him happy against his own will. A family can even sometimes ask me to influence someone, who would stay unaware of undergoing a therapy. I never do it. In some cases I agree to perform a remote treatment, but only when I have a chance to talk to the patient on the phone before the session.

There are some people who feel prevented from using a bio-energy therapist’s help because of religious reasons. In case of a bio-energy therapist such as Ewa Wolska, who possesses high ethical standards and considers bio-energy therapy as passing on love onto the other person, such anxieties seem completely groundless. What is more, there are a few priests among Ewa Wolska’s patients. One of them told her some day: - Never be afraid to lay your hands with love onto the other person.

Interview - "Dziennik Zachodni" 3 November 2006

Dziennik Zachodni 3 November 2006, part 1

Dziennik Zachodni 3 November 2006, part 2

The Interview for the "Trybuna Śląska" no. 103 of May 5, 2003, page 22.

"Unconventional medicine had haunted me for all of my life," Ewa Wolska laughs. "It was first a passion and curiosity - I had been interested in herbal medicine, acupressure and acupuncture, too, until I found myself at the Reiki course to get interested in the natural healing methods for good. I had to learn a lot and, since that time, I have completed many courses. I attended classes in unconventional medicine and learned about the energetic massage techniques all the time asking myself whether I am actually producing a positive bio-field." she recalls. "Now I would not never exchange my occupation for another." she says. Her strong bioenergy therapeutic properties have been acknowledged and certified with tests carried out in the Institute of Bioenergy Therapy and Radiesthesia (Instytut Bioterapii i Radiestezji).

I am not in a hurry...
The therapist helps people with fears, anxieties, stress, nervous problems, pessimism. She has had "merits" at helping the ill to stimulate their immunity and resistance to illness. "When a person comes to me, I try to devote to him or her at least one hour. Often, no physical conditions or illnesses are suffered by the person and what he or she needs is to talk. People come for psychotherapy so I use elements of music therapy, I light candles and create a nice atmosphere," Ewa Wolska enlists. "We all live in the times of haste. Chasing things, we forget it is worth to stop for a while and thing about ourselves. Polish people do not know how to relax and nobody can relax for anybody else." she adds.

Ewa Wolska explains that she is trying to eliminate the outcomes and results of illnesses and diseases. "I affect patients with touch of my hands, whole palms. However, the "touched" needs to be open and ready to accept the help and believe that the bioenergy therapist is able to give it," says Ewa. "If somebody makes an appointment and comes to the surgery for peace sake because their family wanted them to, there shall be no results. But, the help shall also come from the heart," she is sure.

Not a simple trace of the illness...
After Ewa Wolska's sessions, patients observe disappearance of myomas or excrescences. "I remember a man who was cured for hypertension for 10 years. Now he has no such problems any more." she recalls. "People come with varices, gastric ulcers, kidneys, lungs, digestive problems, asthma. You should help everybody." she explains. "Every bio-therapist has studied for many years and everybody observed others' work. Often, it turns out we have had or we have the same teachers. Yet each of us has their own methods. When a person comes to me with liver disorders, I still work with the whole organism,"says Ewa Wolska.

Look at life form a different angle...
Her therapy alleviated gynecological ailments, painful joint and backbone pains. "A lot of diseases originate in the psyche. Some unspoken emotions, some reticence and understatements tend to cumulate which is just one step away to disease. We go to the doctor and take medicine which give us stomachaches," says Ewa Wolska. "You need to have some activity to practice, some passions and interests to follow, and you need to learn how to relax after work. Turn on the music, lie down and relax. This shall work!" she acknowledges. "Many people think about future too often, too. It is a waste of energy because it is always better to concentrate on what is now to be continued. Somebody said it right:

"Your life is what you think it is"
The bio-therapist thinks. "Dreams come true when we work on them." - she concludes.

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