Bioenergy therapy

Bioenergy therapy is a natural method of therapy where a therapist reinforces and balances a patient's bio-field. The treatment consists in passing the Energy of Life from the giver to the receiver. It is worth saying that the Energy reinforces not only the ill or painful part of body or an organ but it also affects the whole organism. Illness or disease are nothing else but a bio-field disorder

Biotherapy is therefore a great complement to the academic medicine. Bioenergy therapy is very personal, if we speak in terms of emotions felt by the patients during sessions. Considering the intimacy and privacy of the person who needs help, the first question I ask as a therapist is: "Do you want the direct touch?" although I personally think that such a touch provides the best flow of the healing energy. I have to highlight the fact that patients do not need to take their clothes of for the session except for shoes and the so-called disturbing metals... such as the watch or the jewelry.

The therapist's touch totally differs from e.g. a doctor's touch. Like in many other eastern healing traditions, the therapist's touch assumes that human body is surrounded, passed through and connected with the magnetic field of the universal Energy of Life. Interacting with the patient's bio(-energetic) field, the bioenergy therapist helps in the flow of the Universal Energy to the former. With the palms of hands, the therapist feels the subtle changes in the patient's bio-field and can direct the healing energy there. The same is possible when the therapist holds the hands close to the patient's body, without touching it.

I think that the bioenergy therapy sessions should performed in special, cosy consulting-rooms rather than at big events, such as the Natural Medicine Fairs (Targi Medycyny Naturalnej). The time I devote to one patient is usually about 1 hour or more. I think it is the right time because I see a person from a holistic point of view leaving space for focusing on the specific disease.

I combine the elements of music therapy with each bio-therapy session. It helps to create a relaxing atmosphere and isolate the patient from the outside world - for at least an hour.

As a little curio, in 1996, the USA carried out the research on implementation of bioenergy therapy in treatment of the so-called incurable diseases. It was discovered that 6 out of 10 patients responded with involution, disappearance or reduction of the size of tumor in time of the therapy.

Co-operation between the patient, the leading doctor and the bio-therapist is very important.

No self-respecting bio-therapist shall ever tell the patient to give up academic medicine. Should you meet anyone who would say so, please do not visit them any more.

Having told you the above, I would like to invite you to the consulting centers I work in and recommend my assistance.

Ewa Wolska
Member of the National Guild of Water Diviners and Bioenergy Therapists

BIOENERGY THERAPY is the oldest healing method. It consists in direct passing a therapist's bio-energy to a patient with the therapist's touch or in distant healing? where the energy is sent to a patient in a remote place. It is a non-invasive method which wonderfully supplements the conventional methods and which is characterized with the holistic approach to patient. Bioenergy therapy interacts on every plane (mental, emotional, physical), the spiritual one especially, remembering that we are surrounded by the omnipresent field.

Our energetic body contains chakras (energetic centers), the aura, the meridians, the acupuncture points and other places which cumulate and spread of energy all over the body. The energetic body is depends on the physical one and the subtle and reasonable action provided by bioenergy therapy allows for the balance of those two. The lack of such balance is felt as ailments or diseases.

Bioenergy therapy presents a different order of treatment, in comparison to academic medicine where the body, the soma, is focused on. It results in improvement of patient's physical and psychic (mental) condition.

Typical for the treatment with natural methods is that the majority of the unconventional therapies concentrate on the whole person i.e. their body and their spirit, and with many, the therapy is done via patient's psyche, the spiritual way, thanks to which the body is healed. It is not a secret any more that bioenergy treatment and psychotherapy are able to stop or even turn back the changes caused by neoplastic diseases.

A bioenergy therapist's task is:
to inform a patient on the areas or places affected,
to facilitate the unobstructed flow of the energy,
to eliminate the disease-causing energy,
to strengthen and reinforce the patient's body with the positive energy,
and to advise doctor's consultations.

Therefore, the bioenergy therapist detects the spots of energetic disorders in the patients body and removes the energetic blockades and re-charges the places with the positive energy passing through the healer's hands into the places which lack it. At the same time the disease-causing energy is removed and eliminated to speed up the process of healing or recovery. During the session a patient can feel e.g. warmth or prickling sensation o drowsiness.

The overfall length of therapy depends on the type of the problem, condition or disease. The therapeutic effect is the patient's reinforcement, improvement of the mood and faster recovery. Many unconventional healing techniques are generally based on the folk Chinese or Tibetan medicine practiced for thousands of years which, contrary to the experience and practice of the contemporary medicine focusing on symptoms removal, removes the causes of body and mind diseases and conditions.

According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, the world was created by the power of nature called Tao. Tao consists of the two opposing forms, yin and yang, which create the unity and all creatures and all events which come and go are just the multiple and manifold forms of the cosmic proto-energy. Everything originates from one infinity and the only difference possible in the character of creatures and events is the different weight of yin and yang. Yin and yang also refer to constellations, elements (fire, water, wood, etc.), seasons, colors, and functions of human body.

Human body reflects the cosmos. As long as the two powers are well-balanced and the chi energy can flow freely, a person is healthy. If yin and yang lose balance, a disease appears. Therefore, bioenergy therapists use the term: to balance the energies.

People suffer from both physical and mental conditions and feel tired, weak, depressed and sleepy which prevents them from doing any physical or conceptual work. In cases when medical examinations reveal no symptoms of any illness or disease, the condition is cause by the general energetic weakening of the whole organism and the energy flow distortions. The bioenergy therapy is recommended.

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