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Biotherapeutic Week

The Biotherapeutic Week is a project meant both for patients who seek for improvement of their condition to be provided with natural healing methods, and for people who think ahead and look for prophylactics. It is held by Ewa Wolska, an eminent and experienced biotherapist with many years of healing practice. She has long been cooperating with the Polish monthly, the “Nieznany Świat”

the participants shall have the occasion to have a medical consultation with Waldemar Pawłowski, MD (from BIONET Institute), and participate in a relaxing and meditation sessions and have a meeting with a massage therapist, do some outdoor exercise and try the full value vegetarian diet and one designed by Ewa Dąbrowska, MD. And, of course, have great chats in the WiP Salon (Knowledge and Practice Salon) usually held by Andrzej Daniluk.

It was in 2006 that Ewa WOLSKA was already mentioned by the Super Express rank for the top ten biotherapists in Poland as the only woman on the list. In her daily practice, she employs her individual own meted in which she combines bio-energetic treatments with psychotherapy and elements of therapy with music.

She is famous for her hundred percent involvement in each case of each patient she meets. Although the appointments are scheduled every hour, they can, and sometimes really do) last longer. “ I am never in a hurry in the surgery,”- she says. „This work tolerates no hurry. Those, who look for help in a therapists’ room are usually disappointed with the classic medicine his way or another. Additionally, each ill person suffers from the fact that a doctor has no time for them. A man is a psychophysical unity and must be treated holistically.”

Ewa used to be employed in the national health service where she had to deal with doctors and nursing assistants who were serving in emergency services and visited patients in terminal, fatal or serious conditions. It was then and there that Ewa could witness many circumstances in which there was any possibility to help a man and it was also then that the decision grew inside her heart to take up healing. She had been interested in herbal healing, acupressure and acupuncture, hypnosis and lithotherapy... But only after the course that she had completed and gained the title of Master of Reiki did she start her real education. Today, her diplomas and course and workshop certificates on - broadly understood - natural therapy can hardly fit in two really fat file binders.

Her own biotherapeutic method is also based on psychological training. However, if you ask Ewa Wolska what biotherapy is in her opinion, despite her so professional attitude to her own qualifications, she would mention the word “profession” on the second place. First of all, she says, it is a passion. The greatest and life adventure, to which she devoted everything else and where she realizes herself. – As I feel it, biotherapy is not just a passion but also a lifestyle. o it is a talent, experience, but first of all is the constant work on oneself. It means fighting with ones own weaknesses and limitations. – thinks Ewa. This may be the reason why her patients trust her so much; they know that Ewa always has time for a suffering person even if she has to pay with her private life for that.

She often works with children. Spectacular effects of the therapy occur with different growths and tumors and cysts. Her healing sessions make the wounds heal faster and relieve pain. Alice from Częstochowa, Poland, lost her adhesions on ovaries, someone else got rid of hypertension, which had accompanied them for years before, and a girl who was being treated due to infertility finally got pregnant. The therapist works with patients during radio - and chemotherapy and she gives biotherapy to animals. – At work, I do not bother myself with skepticism or worldview or religious outlook of person who comes for help – she reflects. After all, among Wolska’s patients you can also find catholic priests. One of them once said to her: „Never be afraid to lay your hand with love on another man.”

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