THE TREATMENT I OFFER IS BASED ON A MIXTURE OF NATURAL HEALING METHODS : bioenergy therapy, bio-massage, energetic massage, reiki which I use against:

Bio-energy therapy can assist every illness or disease as it eliminates the physical pain and alleviates problems and conditions of:

The bioenergy treatment is a way to:
physical or mental recovery and hormonal and physiological re-balancing. As a healing method, it can support the process of recovery yet it does not excuse a patient from following doctor's recommendations. I do not present a range of diseases I treat because I help everybody who turns to me for help. Every person can accept the healing energy, get stronger and free from the illnesses, diseases, problems and disorders.

Code of Ethics of Biotherapist and Dowser

The uniform text of Jan. 18, 1995 by the Cech Rzemiosł Różnych / Guild of Crafts in Warsaw, ul. Szeroki Dunaj 13

  1. The principles of ethics of a biotherapist and a dowser result from general ethical standards
  2. A biotherapist´s and a dowser´s most important ethical imperative is the good of man
  3. The Gild of Crafts is obliged to watch that the principles of ethics of a biotherapist and a dowser are respected and that the dignity of the profession is maintained
  4. A biotherapist or a dowser can refuse to provide their service considering the good of man
  5. A biotherapist and a dowser is obliged to respect a patient´s right to consciously participate in taking basic decisions referring to a service delivered
  6. Information given to a patient shall be provided in clear and understandable way
  7. A biotherapist and a dowser is obliged to keep professional secrecy
  8. Relationships between a patient and a biotherapist or a dowser shall always be base on mutual trust and that is why the patient has the right to choose their biotherapist or dowser on their own
  9. Biotherapy does not supersede medical treatment but it is a complementary activity to support the organism that is energetically weakened. Biotherapy does not require any medical therapy to be stopped
  10. A biotherapist and a dowser serve the people with their knowledge, skills and abilities

"Let's learn from the bird that fears not
to sit on a breaking bow:

he feels it cracking yet still sings
as straight up to heaven can he spring."

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